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Karen Kritzer


My journey into this profession was deeply personal, shaped by profound losses that struck early in life. In my mid-twenties, I unexpectedly lost my father, followed by the passing of my mother by age 37. These experiences led me to become intimately acquainted with the challenges of estate settlement and emotional healing. I've spent the majority of my life navigating the unfinished business, caregiving, and dying wishes of others.

Drawing from these poignant experiences, I've dedicated my life to helping individuals navigate the complexities of estate settlement and emotional healing, offering insights and compassion honed through personal trials.

As a Gen Xer, I understand the unique position many of us find ourselves in—the so-called 'sandwich generation.' We're balancing the care of our children with the responsibilities of tending to our aging parents. This delicate dance has been a familiar tune for me, and I've made it my mission to support and guide fellow Gen Xers through these complexities.


I believe that life's losses shape us, and how we respond to them defines our journey. While time may not erase all wounds, I've found that open communication, preparedness, and a strong sense of purpose can bring comfort, foster deeper connections,

and offer peace of mind. My own story is woven with faith, action, and values that guide me in shaping how I wish to be remembered. I actively participate in crafting our future narratives, both for myself and in assisting others to do the same.If you're navigating the complexities of estate settlement, emotional healing, or simply seeking guidance on organizing life's chaos, I'm here to help. Let's connect and walk this journey together.

Warm regards,  


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